Qualified and experienced in the latest approaches and techniques.


Providing a personalised service tailored to the needs of the client.


Across a broad spectrum of Geoenvironmental and environmental management disciplines.

Working with Local Authorities

Part 2A provides a means of dealing with unacceptable risks posed by land contamination to human health and the environment, and enforcing authorities should seek to find and deal with such land. It is the responsibility of the Local Planning Authority (LPA) to regulate and control new development throughout it locality…

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Supporting Developers & Landowners

Under PPS23 the developer is responsible for ensuring that any proposed development is safe and suitable for its intended use. In order to fulfil this obligation, you as a developer may be required by the Local authorities involved to undertake an adequate investigation of the site to determine…

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Making Business Greener

We can provide a number of environmental services to your UK based clients as subcontractor or associates including giving regulatory advice on consents and licences for various activities that may have an impact on the environment including advice on remediation works…

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Developing Educational Links

We can offer lectures in most environmental topics including:
• Contaminated Land
• Solid Waste Management
• Air Pollution
• Practical Soil Science

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