Under PPS23 the developer is responsible for ensuring that any proposed development is safe and suitable for its intended use. In order to fulfil this obligation, you as a developer may be required by the Local authorities involved to undertake an adequate investigation of the site to determine:

 Whether the proposed site is already affected by contamination, through the source-pathway-receptor pollutant linkage.

 Whether the development proposed will create new pollutant linkages.

 What action is needed to break these linkages and avoid new ones, deal with any unacceptable risks and enable the safe development and future occupancy of the site and neighbouring land.

As a precaution, it is recommended that contamination should be assumed when considering applications for all land on or next to a previous industrial use. Where sensitive use such as domestic houses with gardens are being considered, particular care needs to be exercised. In addition, for planning purposes, it is immaterial whether the presence of the contaminants arises from human activities or is present naturally.

Clients include developers, landowners, homeowners, prospective land buyers, businesses, other consultancies or contractors and local authorities.