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Here are some of the projects, across the World, that consultants at Envigma Ltd have been involved with:

Phase I contaminated land desktop studies and/or /Phases II- IV have been undertaken on site including the following:

Animal & Animal processing sites

Asbestos contaminated sites

Chemical Works


Engineering Works

Metal manufacturing, refining and finishing works

Gas works, coke works and other coal carbonisation plants

Oil refineries and bulk storage of crude oil and petroleum products

Organic Chemical Works

Outfalls (e.g. discharge point of a waste stream)

Quarrying of sand and clay, operation of sand and gravel pit

Power stations excluding nuclear power stations

Profile of miscellaneous industries

Pulp and paper manufacturing works

Railway land

Road vehicle fuelling, service and repair – garages and filling stations, transport and haulage centres

Sewage works and sewage farms

Textile works and dye works

Timber products manufacturing works

Railways line

Transport support and cargo handling

Transport: air and space, cargo and handling and transport support

Timber treatment works

Waste recycling, treatment and disposal site

Air shafts

Brewing and malting

Factory or Works

Cemetery and graveyard

General quarrying

Leather tanning and dressing

Unknown filled ground/ponds/cutting


Agricultural land